Shannen Doherty says no Jennie Garth feud, Spelling’s a liar

Shannen Doherty denies ever feuding with 90210 costar Jennie Garth and is calling Tori Spelling a liar.

The new 90210 star is back and Doherty is hardly wasting time making news once again. Her Brenda character was one of the most controversial and was eventually dismissed so her return to the new 90210 is a delight for fans dying to know the story behind Doherty’s unceremonious dismissal.

Here’s Shannen at the premiere party for 90210 with one of the show’s producers in a photo given to SheKnows from the CW. For her, that’s an enormous smile!

Having a 90210 premiere party, thanks CW!

According to Spelling in her biography, Garth and Doherty came to blows during their 90210 filming days and it was the source of Doherty’s firing from the show.

Garth and Doherty are on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly and admit that the pair never feuded leaving readers wondering, how did Shannen get dumped from 90210 the first time around?

That answer does not matter to Doherty, she says, because Brenda is back on 90210 and her return with Garth is been exciting, emotional and rewarding.

Doherty lands on television screens once again September 2 with the new 90210 premieres as one of the season’s most anticipated shows.

Which leads us to wonder why Tori Spelling would make this up? It also answers the questions surrounding why Spelling pulled out of this 90210 incarnation. Something tells us it goes way beyond salary.

Don’t miss the SheKnows interview with the entire cast.

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