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Ed Westwick opens up about the season premiere of Gossip Girl

Coming Monday night, it’s the season premiere of Gossip Girl. SheKnows received a call from The Hamptons, where Ed Westwick — who plays Chuck on the show — was filming.

Ever the starThe Gossip Girl phenomenon begins anew September 1, and the cast — and their characters — have had the summer off.

Where the plot goes from here is a tightly-kept secret, but bad-boy Chuck (Westwick) took some time off while filming the premiere to give us a sneak preview about what we can expect this season.

The new season of Gossip Girl may be arriving on September 1, but SheKnows has Westwick today, front and center!

Ed Westwick is British, and his accent is both unmistakable and remarkable. How the actor perfectly nails the voice of a New York teenage socialite is a mesmerizing piece of television acting. Ask any of the millions of Gossip Girl fans and they will tell you that Chuck is one of their favorite characters on the entire show.

Gossiping with the bad boy

SheKnows: I understand SheKnows has reached you in the best part of Long Island.

Ed Westwick: Yes, we’re filming in The Hamptons — filming season two. This is the first of a series of wild and wacky events that the we find ourselves in.

SheKnows: Are there any clues you can give our readers about the upcoming season — or at least the season premiere?

Ed Westwick: Well, everyone’s back together after their summers off. It’s the end of the summer, and the group is coming back together. People are finishing up their time in the Hamptons and I’m sure we’ll return quickly to the city.

SheKnows: The Hamptons is pretty spectacular. As a native of the British Isles, what do you make of the scene? How you been there before?

Ed Westwick: No, this is my first time in the Hamptons. It’s a first for me. This place is really something.

SheKnows: The photos we’ve seen show this illustrious home, there have to be worse places to film.

Will they or won't they this year?Ed Westwick: Everyone’s gathered on the grounds of this fantastic home and we all being people we are celebrating amongst the elegance. What strikes me is the drama amongst that elegance.

SheKnows: How have you dealt with the frenzy surrounding this show?

Ed Westwick: It’s been crazy. You know, my mind hasn’t really caught up with it. We had a very short break and I was actually working on something, so I haven’t had a day off. It’s quite overwhelming. It’s rolled all into one, season one into season two. The separation from the two seasons — not really even a jet lag type of feeling for me getting back into it.

SheKnows: What initially drew you to Gossip Girl?

Ed Westwick: It’s the writing — and honestly, it’s the buzz itself — which creates a snowball effect. The buzz creates more buzz.

SheKnows: Having that summer off, the buzz only got hotter.

Ed Westwick: Yeah, the way it was left at the end of the season one you had thought he’d turn a new leaf. He has kind of reverted back to his old ways. I don’t know what is going to happen, we shall see.

A New York state of mind

SheKnows: Filming in New York, when I spoke with Leighton Meester, she said the city contributes to the excitement creating Gossip Girl. Do you find that the case?

Ed Westwick: I think it’s the same as anyone who lives there — it’s fantastic. It’s a crazy, crazy place. New York is the same for me as it is for everyone else here. It’s got a crazy buzz and yes, you do feed off of that. You take that energy into every day of your life. It’s marvelous.

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