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Shawn Johnson visits Dave and gives Pledge for Obama

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson visited the Late Show with David Letterman last night and charmed the crowd as we all knew she would.

Showing off the goldJust a mere hours after Johnson got off the plane from Beijing, she was sitting on Letterman’s coach and when Dave asked if she was jet-lagged. She responded with hilarity.

“Let’s just say I’m really thankful for your makeup and hair artists,” says Johnson as the crowd went into a roar of laughs.

“It’s going to be crazy,” she says of returning home to Iowa. “There’s supposed to be 4,000 people at the airport.”

Instead of going to her home to Iowa, her plane was diverted to New York to visit with Letterman. “I was supposed to land in Des Moines a few hours ago, but I’m here instead, so I’m really excited,” says Johnson. “There’s supposed to be 4,000 people at the airport and now they’re all going home.”

Johnson was hilarious and luminous which is incredible considering the two weeks she has had. Describing how she learned to walk at nine months epitomized this young woman’s charm. “Yeah, I scared my parents one day because I just showed up in their room,” says Johnson. At nine months!

Johnson has been tapped to deliver the Pledge of Allegiance tonight at Invesco Field for the Democratic National Convention. Her political affiliation is unknown, but the honor of delivering the Pledge before the country’s first African-American major party nominee for president makes his acceptance speech speaks volumes as to this gymnast’s place in America’s heart.

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