America's Next Top Models: Where are they now?

Aug 24, 2008 at 6:55 p.m. ET

The hit modeling show America's Next Top Model, brainchild of creative genius and supermodel Tyra Banks, has produced more than 140 models -- most of whom have gone on to have amazing careers and do great things for their futures, communities and beliefs.

We caught up with 10 our favorites who have stuck out over the years because of their attitudes on the show, the circumstances they lived through before the show, or because of their actions since the show. The next cycle starts on September 3, and trust us when we say it is better than the rest.

Elyse Sewell, Cycle 1

After a brush with the law in Sacramento, California for assault involving her then boyfriend, she has made a name for herself in Hong Kong as an American fashion model and is known to be very outspoken about both the other girls on the show and her personal life. She keeps a blog at to keep her fans updated on her auditions, her wardrobe and her sporting outlets... like trying to stay upright on ice skates.
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