New Bachelor is familiar face, Jason Mesnick

DeAnna Pappas was humiliated when The Bachelor Brad Womack rejected her on national TV. DeAnna got the last laugh though when she became The Bachelorette, then promptly humiliated Jason Mesnick by rejecting his proposal on national TV.

If you fail, try, try againWell guess what. Now Jason Mesnick is the new Bachelor and DeAnna Pappas is one of the girls vying for his hand in marriage!

Truth be told, I made up that last part, but not all of it. Jason Mesnick really is the new star of the next The Bachelor and he’ll be looking for love in the 13th edition which will air in 2009.

Jason became a huge viewer favorite during the chase to win DeAnna’s heart, and his popularity seemed to vault even higher when he lost out to Jesse Csincsak, who is now engaged to Pappas, as fans rushed to e-mail him in droves, in total sympathy to his plight.

His heart-warming story as a single father from Seattle with a three-year-old son, Ty, the apple of his eye, struck a chord with many women. Divorced two years ago, Jason would like to start another family, himself the middle son in a family of three boys. His older brother, Sean, is married with children. Jason currently lives with his younger brother, Larry, and with Ty. His parents are divorced and both are happily remarried.

An account executive in estate and legacy planning, Jason is looking for a woman who has a real curiosity about the world, who loves life and can find passion in life’s smallest moments. Open and honest, the good-looking and appealing Bachelor loves a variety of sports, including swimming, golf, basketball and football. In fact he used to be a golf professional at a local club. He has traveled all over Europe and continues to pursue his desire to see the world. In his spare time, he takes guitar and swing dance lessons. Perhaps not surprisingly, Jason is a “big brother” for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. A philanthropist himself, he hopes to some day form and run his own children’s charity.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Jason moved to Washington at the age of eight and received his BA in psychology at the University of Washington.

Interested in becoming a Bachelor or Bachelorette? Watch for upcoming casting events by logging on to or by calling 866-739-3150.

Editor’s note: SheKnows now has a premiere date for The Bachelor, January 5.

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