Who’s the next Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts took Hollywood by storm, notching nine $100 million-earning movies in a decade. No one has followed in her footsteps since that 1990-to-2000 run. Actresses are on their ways, though — Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner from Valentine’s Day immediately come to mind. Who’s in the top 10 and who really has the chance to take the mantle of America’s Sweetheart from Julia Roberts?

Who is in Julia Roberts' rearview mirrorBeginning with
1990’s Pretty Woman,
Roberts’ hits include Sleeping with the Enemy, Hook, The Pelican Brief, Conspiracy Theory, Stepmom, Notting Hill, Runaway Bride and Erin Brockovich. All earned more than $100 million.

In the decade since, not one actress has even come close. With Roberts appearing in the February 12 release of Valentine’s Day, she may add yet another film to her $100 million list
(don’t miss our interview with Roberts February 10). In all likelihood, there may never be another Julia Roberts in terms of the ability to score nine $100 million movies, but there will be another
America’s Sweetheart.

Here, SheKnows Entertainment takes a look to see who’s in Julia’s rearview:

10. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts looks a lot like her aunt, and she packs the same acting talent and megawatt smile. In fact, she appears in Valentine’s
as well. Although she has yet to open a film in the same manner as her A-list relative, Emma Roberts will prove over time to be a force in film.

Emma Roberts with Taylor Lautner on the Valentine's Day set

Roberts was a fantastic Nancy Drew. Given a better script and story, the match of Emma and Nancy Drew could have spun cinematic gold. Instead, it was a flop.

Here’s to hoping that the pint-sized Julia gets another chance to play the teenaged sleuth; she deserves it. If not, there are millions of other projects that will enthrone this young talent
beside her top-tier Hollywood actress aunt.

Naomi Watts9. Naomi Watts

Based solely on the fact that Forbes has her in its top actors who make the most money for their studio feature, she is on this

Naomi Watts still has the potential to run a string of blockbusters together. The King Kong star was no. 5 on Forbes‘ list, just below Brad Pitt at No. 4 and
— you guessed it — Julia Roberts at No. 3.

Watts will be given the chance to open numerous huge movies because of her dollar-paid-to-film’s-earnings ratio. She’s already on her way to the nine box office blockbusters of Julia

Then again, she sticks to art house fare, much as Julia has. The option for superstardom is there for Watts, should she ever choose to pick up the title. 

Up next…the potential next Julia Roberts search rings a Bell, twice.


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