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Jennifer Aniston confirms: Mayer is an ex


You be the judge. John Mayer’s a hottie on the music scene, that’s for sure. But if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Am I right?

Photographed in Mexico with girls other than JennJohn Mayer has been known to have dated Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, and now Jennifer Aniston. They all go out for a short-lived period of time and then in a Hollywood paparazzi instant, flash!

It’s over!

The UK’s Mirror reported the romance was over and they split up earlier this week after they had mutually decided to spend time apart from one another. Both reps have declined to comment so we’ll comment for them!

We thought they were cute. Another Tinseltown couple bites the dust.

SheKnows received this John Mayer video (below) today from Mayer’s new live CD. This story arrived the same day. We thought, ‘coincidence?’ Hardly!’

Seems Mayer is Free Falling yet again.

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John Mayer Live in LA with Free Fallin’

Mayer sings that he:

“I’m a bad boy because I don’t even miss her. I’m a bad boy for breaking her heart.”

Song lyrics are so often relevant on multiple occasions!

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