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What’s on the iPod of Michael Phelps?


SheKnows and we’re sharing! Michael Phelps is the Beijing Olympics’ darling with his record-tying run in last night’s Olympic swimming. Phelps has earned seven golds in seven events. America is really asking: who is Phelps listening to prior to his history making Olympic races?

Commentators have had a field day about Phelps’ passion for hip-hop. Judging by the songs the swimming sensation has commented on, those guesses are correct.

The track highest on the gold medal man’s list is Lil’ Wayne’s I’m Me and that track is only the beginning. Phelps knows his hip-hop history as well as the current crop that is dominating the charts. Also on his shuffle is Outkast’s Roses that got lost in the hoopla surrounding Hey Ya as the finest single off that record.

The music of swimming mastery

Weezy’s The Leak is on the iPod as well as an artist he shares a passion for with a certain presidential hopeful named Barack Obama, Jay-Z.

Also on Phelps magic playlist is Overnight Celebrity by Twista (good advice for him on that one), Burn by Usher and something he knows a little about, Smile, by G Unit. Unit’s mentor, Eminem, is there in droves we’re sure as he admitted in 2004 that his Athens games’ theme song was ‘Till I Collapse.

Judging by his unprecedented Olympic journey in Beijing, ‘Till I Collapsesounds pretty apt…the man is swimming more than any competitor in the history of the games.

In what is the most priceless piece of advertising in Olympic history, the famous white iPod earphones have been a standard coming out of Michael Phelps’ ears. Now you know what it is that inspires an historic Olympic run.

Michael Phelps enjoys a lot of hip with his aquatic hop.

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