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It’s Shear Genius and Olympics continue

My interest in the Olympics is waning. Does that make me a bad person? Or maybe it’s just because all I’m seeing is swimming and beach volleyball so I’ve heard these stories before. One new story from last night was our women’s gymnastics team. So close! What a role reversal from the night before. Like the Japanese, the US took Silver and were none to happy about it. I think that’s fabulous. Imagine coming in and not medaling at all.

Clearing the DVR, I was tickled pink over this week’s episode of The Middleman with Kevin Sorbo. A total James Bond homage and the pop culture references were ones I thought only I knew. (Harry Rule, anyone?) Fun show. You should watch it. Shear Genius works its youngest fans

Tonight on TV

NBC has the Olympic Summer Games 2008 all night long ABC has reruns of Wife Swap, Supernanny, and Primetime: Crime. CBS goes with Greatest American Dog, Criminal Minds, and CSI: NY. The CW gets you ready for the new season with America’s Next Top Model, and Pussy Cat Dolls Present: Girlicious. FOX has Bones, and more Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Over on cable

Criss Angel: Mindfreak will astound you over on A&E while the Mythbusters look at internet videos. Bravo has their best night with Project Runway designing for Brooke Shields and haircuts for kids on Shear Genius. Making the Band premieres on MTV tonight and Ghost Hunters International take on a castle in Slovenia.

News and notable

Jennifer Lopez is developing Maid in Manhattan as a TV series for ABC. Want to travel with Gilligan and his pals, the Canadian who owns the original S.S. Minnow will be offering boat tours for charity. Wait, didn’t that ship get lost in a storm and get shipwrecked on an island? Yeah, sure, sign me up. TV’s Batman, Adam West, may be doing the Batusi as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The actor, who is also known for his voice work on Family Guy is 80. Colin Hanks joins Mad Men and Deadwood’s Kim Dickens joins Friday Night Lights.

Recent television features

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