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Katy Perry has Ear Candy hearing Gay


Sure, Katy Perry may have the song of the summer with I Kissed A Girl, and she may be our favorite because she’s asked SheKnows to visit her on the Warped Tour August 14, but what really has us ticking is her new single, Ur So Gay.

We'll see you soon, Katy

Katy Perry knows how to craft a catchy tune. I Kissed A Girl was, and in many ways still is, a summer sensation.

Ear Candy loves a ditty that you can’t get out of your head, the sonically succulent that is impossible to resist. You know, after 100 listens and you still want more…and we’re talking in one weekend!

Ur So Gay is that song and more.

Perry is a master at weaving melodies with her lyrics that transfix and transform the listener to a world filled with sticky sweet candy for the ears you constantly crave.

Perry has followed up her look at gender appreciation with another that is pointedly directed at one person. In SheKnows opinion, Perry is talking about Pete Wentz. Notice the album cover in the video below and the artist’s name is Pierre Wertz. French for Peter and a slight alteration on Wentz? We think so!

Either way, Katy Perry has the ultimate in a tasty tune.

This week’s Ear Candy: Ur So Gay by Katy Perry

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