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Joshua wins So You Think You Can Dance

It’s all over until it starts again, Joshua Allen is the winner of So You Think You Can Dance and it couldn’t have gone to a nicer guy.

Held high, Joshua takes the title

Dance’s divo

Joshua is a 19-year-old hip-hop dancer from Fort Worth, Texas, and he’s the first hip-hopper to make it to the end. Shock was evident on his face as his name was called and runner up Twitch had a genuine smile as well. He’ll receive $250,000 and a featured dancer role in the new Adam Shankman movie Step it Up and Dance 3-D.

Third runner up Katee Shean was surprised to find that she would be taking home $50,000 as the top female dancer in the competition.

But long before we got to the announcement there was much dancing and fanfare. Dancers from previous seasons returned to strut their stuff and the judges picked their favorite dances from this season for an encore.
We saw that wonderful Bollywood number again, the door dance with Twitch and Katee, and that creepy number with Mark and Chelsie.

Did you see a rabbit?

And speaking of creepy, did you see that Wade Robson routine from his new Vegas show. It’s Cirque de Soleil and the cast of Criss Angel: Believe performing a funeral tribute to all the rabbits that have died at the hands of careless magicians. Robson is the king when it comes to Tim Burtonesque choreography and this routine was no exception.

There were several other nice surprises tonight, such as both Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe slipping into their dance shoes for a few minutes. Mary danced a Samba with Dmitry Chaplin and Nigel tapped with the members of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

Marvelous Moe

The highlight for me? Seeing the top five guys, Josh, Twitch, Mark, Gev and Will, performing the Five Guys Named Moe, number that was choreographed by Nigel Lythgoe. Love that one to pieces.

With all the hoopla and emotion there’s one thing I’ll never understand, how in the world can Cat Deeley keep from crying with all that going on around her. It had me reaching for the tissue box time and time again.

Dance really is an amazing thing. It can make you laugh or make you cry. It can make you hold your breath or lose it from the rush. This program isn’t just another reality talent show, it’s a way of keeping the arts alive for young people everywhere and for that I say thank you to everyone behind So You Think You Can Dance.

That’s it until next year.

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