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So You Think You Can Dance top four recap

It was the last night of competition on So You Think You Can Dance and overall it was a pretty good show. The final four, Courtney, Joshua, Katee and Twitch are all excellent dancers with unique styles. I still lean toward the boys as the best of the best, but I’d be hard-pressed to choose between Twitch and Joshua, so I was bad and didn’t vote at all.

The line-up for last night was brutal, particularly on Joshua as he had to do several athletic dances nearly back-to-back. It was reported in the news earlier this week, that both boys had to be treated at the hospital for dehydration and I’m not surprised. The stress of this final week must be insane and you can see that they each gave it everything they had until, literally, they had nothing left.

As is the tradition on this series, everyone was paired with everyone this week, and they each had solos and one group performance with all four of them. Yes, crazy.

An unbelievable routine

Courtney and Twitch were paired for a wild and fun Hip-Hop routine by Tabitha and Napoleon. Courtney was the crazy ex-girlfriend and she pulled it off a little too well, if you know what I mean. This was more about performing and less about dancing and it was very entertaining.

Katee and Joshua used their real feelings for each other to propel them through a lyrical routine by Wade Robson. Really lovely and again, I’m stunned by how a big guy like Joshua can produce such flowing lines.

On the flip side:

Twitch and Katee pulled off an elegant Foxtrot. Beautiful dress on her, as always and though not technically fabulous, it was a joy to watch. And lucky Twitch got a bit of a break from the hard dancing styles Joshua had to endure all night.

Joshua and Courtney were expected to handle a fast jive at the end of the night. I feel for them. The costumes were ugly, the song I adore (The Dirty Boogie) but it was simply too much. They tried hard to keep the energy up but you could see that they were both worn out. I wish this dance had been placed earlier in the evening because I’ll bet it would have rocked.

Mixing it up:

Courtney and Katee performed a Broadway routine to The Trolley Song which left me bored. Their costumes were cute but that was the highlight of the routine. It wasn’t synchronized well, Courtney was giving more than Katee and there was no substance (which isn’t their fault). The song also didn’t help them as it was an instrumental that most people wouldn’t recognize. If either of these two wins the top prize, I’ll be very surprised and unhappy.

What a night on SYTYCD

Twitch and Joshua turns it up with a Russian Trepak to that tune from The Nutcracker that everyone knows. It was a fun piece designed to show the rivalry between them and it highlighted their abilities to do athletic stunts such as jumps, flips and knee-walking! Ouch! Dare I say that I was looking for something more? It had a wow factor but I didn’t give me the tingle that I get from better routines. Still, it was clever and much better than what the girls were given.

Finally, the foursome engaged in some Mia Michaels cavorting on stage, which meant dancing in a language no one else understands. The dancers were all in Scottish kilts, which was kind of cute except that Joshua’s was twisted funny and kept opening where it shouldn’t. I was so afraid of what I might see, I had a hard time watching him. Visually interesting, I wanted to stop it halfway through just to give these kids a break. They all looked so tuckered out by the end it I felt uncomfortable watching them.

So that’s that. The votes are in and the winner will be announced tonight. Putting performances aside (since they’re all great dancers), I’d like to see the win go to Joshua. Here’s why. This guy was virtually untrained and still he not only kept up, he exceeded the expectations of every choreographer on the show. This is a guy who was born to dance and if this is how good he is without training, I can’t wait to see him with some classes under his belt. He’ll be a force to be reckoned with and that’s why he should win.

Tune in to Fox tonight at 8 p.m. for the two-hour season finale.

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