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So You Think You Can Dance spotlight final four

So You Think You Can Dance will anoint its champ after the final four dance for their lives tonight.

Here's your top fourI spent my night mostly with America’s Got Talent which I vowed not to watch again until they got past the audition phase. They tricked me. Yes, it was Vegas week, but still all we got were clips of performances as they cut the pack by half.

I was more intrigued by a new episode of The Stagers which is my new favorite reality-home show. This time it was a mother-daughter combo working on a 50’s bungalow. Once again I came away saying, wow, what a difference decor makes.

Also cleared Middleman off the DVR, are you watching this show? It’s a riot.

Not then, it’s time for:

Tonight on TV

Fox is sitting pretty with the first half of the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. Must be one heck of a performance planned as the two male dancers went to the hospital earlier this week for dehydration.

CBS now has Big Brother starting off their night and follows with reruns of Criminal Minds and CSI: NY.

ABC goes with Wife Swap, Supernanny and a new Primetime.

NBC has two Baby Borrowers one old, one new and Law & Order.

The CW has reruns of America’s Next Top Model and Pussycat Dolls.

Over on cable

Bravo wins it with Project Runway and kitchen gadgets on Shear Genius.

Discovery is all new tonight with Next World, then Mythbusters returns at 9:00 with Man vs. Wild at 10:00.

History channel is on the vampire trail on MonsterQuest and SCIFI is mostly new with Ghost Hunters International and Scare Tactics.

Let’s finish up with four new episodes of Tyler Perry on TBS and the finally of Black Gold on TruTV.

News and notable

Laurence Fishburne is in talks to replace William Petersen on CSI.

R&B singer Joss Stone will play the fourth wife of Henry the VIII on The Tudors and Max Von Sydow will play Cardinal Von Waldburg.

Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) will host Trivial Pursuit: America Plays.

Recent television news

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