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Lifetime launches Every Woman Counts bus tour

Lifetime Networks is boarding the bus in hopes of getting more women out to vote this election season. The Every Woman Counts bus tour will make 14 visits across the country.

The hostest with the mostest

Every woman counts

The tour includes stops in Denver and Minneapolis for the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, where Lifetime will host a series of high-profile Every Woman Counts events.
At each tour stop, women will be able to upload videos to, Lifetime’s YouTube Channel, declaring what they would do if they were president to highlight the issues most important to them this historic presidential election year.

In addition, at each stop, women can register to vote at, watch Lifetime PSAs and If I were president… vignettes from celebrities such as Reba McIntyre, Queen Latifah, Jewel and many more. Highlights from Lifetime programming, including hit series Army Wives and original broadband series will also be shown.

“Lifetime and our partners are dedicated to sparking a national dialogue among women and equipping them with the tools necessary to engage them in politics,” said Meredith Wagner, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs. “The bus tour was created to connect with women in their hometowns on the issues that matter most to them and to inspire them to register and vote. Thirty-five million eligible women did not vote in the 2004 presidential election, and we are committed to changing this statistic as part of our Every Woman Counts campaign.”

Rising country stars Carter’s Chord wrote and recorded Make It Count, a song dedicated to empowering women that will serve as the tour’s theme. The song will be featured in on-air spots promoting the tour and in a video montage documenting the tour on Lifetime’s YouTube Channel.

Market stops include: July 31, Indianapolis, IN; August 2, Louisville, KY; August 4, Nashville, TN; August 5, Atlanta, GA; August 7, New Orleans, LA; August 11, Houston, TX; August 13, San Antonio, TX; August 18, Albuquerque, NM; August 20, 25-28, Denver, CO, site of the Democratic National Convention; August 31, Kansas City, MO; and September 1-4, Minneapolis, home to the Republican National Convention.

Not coming to your town? No problem. You can track the tour bus on Lifetime’s special Every Woman Counts website, The 2008 Every Woman Counts web site also includes voter registration tools, resources on issues important to women, user-generated videos sharing what women would do as president, and a design your own presidential candidate game.

Each site features

Exclusive interviews with women behind-the-scenes at the conventions, including CEOs of both conventions 
Test Your Convention IQ quiz 
Conventions 101 page 
Democratic and Republican National Convention highlights 
Lifetime’s activities in Denver and Minneapolis/Saint Paul as well as special content from Rock the Vote

So don’t sit on the sidelines this election day, check out the resources from Lifetime and make sure your vote counts.

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