Japanese Game Show and Wipeout get their winners

Aug 5, 2008 at 6:37 p.m. ET

Surviving a Japanese game show has its perks as tonight crowns a winner on the ABC reality show.

Last night it was another episode of Disney's HSM: Get in the Picture and this time the kids actually performed. Several were excellent, all were enjoyable. And I love Disney's version of being kicked off a reality show, you aren't sent packing, simply moved to the chorus. This is cool because the kids get to stay and learn and support, they just can't win. I think that sends a better message than, 'you are the weakest link, goodbye!'

There was no weak link on Nashville Star last night as the final three each gave a great performance leading up to Melissa Lawson taking home the prize. Congrats to her. She's so very much a person I can relate to.

Not then, it's time for:

You have to laugh

Tonight on TV

ABC leads with Wipeout then ends with a two-hour season finale of I Survived a Japanese Game Show.

CBS has NCIS, a new Big Brother, and a rerun of Without a Trace.

The CW goes with reruns of Beauty and the Geek and Reaper.

FOX has Kitchen Nightmares, and House, both reruns.

NBC has Celebrity Family Feud and a new America's Got Talent. It's the beginning of Vegas callbacks so, yeah, for that.

Over on cable

ABC Family has a new Secret Life of an American Teenager and that's followed by an Ashley Tisdale movie, Picture This.

Food Network has two new shows tonight, Food Detectives and Road Tasted.

At 9:30 pm, watch Stagers on HGTV and then flip to Oxygen for Tori and Dean.

TLC has Must Love Kids and body alterations is the topic on WE's Secret Lives of Women.

News and notable

Supernatural's Katie Cassidy is boarding the boat for Harper's Island.

Lou Diamond Phillips will reprise his role as an intense FBI sniper in the season opener of Numb3rs.

Dawson's Creek's Busy Phillips is joining the cast of Sarah Connor.

Family Ties star Michael Gross will join the cast of Young and the Restless.

The New York Post is reporting that Justin Timberlake is in contention to host the Oscars next year. Huh?

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