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Olympics debut on NBC Friday as TV series finish and begin

The new fall season is quickly approaching which means many of your favorite summer series are ready to wrap. But did you know that there are several new series just beginning? I’ve got the scoop.

Are you ready to get gold on NBC?

Season premieres

VH1 has three new shows starting tonight, Monday, August 4th. It begins with The Apprentice for the urban crowd, a series called I Want to Work for Diddy. After that, dating show darling Tiffany Pollard moves cross-country with New York Goes Hollywood and that’s followed by Luke’s Parental Advisory. Hip-hop artist Luther “Luke” Campbell is known for his raunchy lyrics which makes him the perfect person to host a reality show about raising kids. Yeah, right.

On Tuesday, Discovery takes the wraps off of Smash Lab, and on Wednesday they haul out the big guns with the return of Mythbusters! First up, the guys try tenderizing meat with explosives! Talk about, BAM!

On Saturday, BBC America does it up big with the US series premiere of Primeval. Thanks to a rip in the fabric of time, dinosaurs are tearing up London. It’s a slick, scifi-action series with fabulous special effects. Don’t miss it.

The biggest kick-off this week isn’t a new TV series, but a global event. The Olympics begin on Friday, August 8 and NBC will give you a front row seat for all the festivities starting at 7:30 pm.

Season finales

Incredible as it may seem, I Survived a Japanese Game Show is having its season finale on Tuesday, August 5. Yes, it’s time to choose a winner. I’m holding my breath in anticipation…

Season Two of Flipping Out also concludes on Tuesday with Jeff selling his own house out from under…well, himself. Hey, it’s a tough real estate market so a guy’s gotta do, what a guy’s gotta do.

On Wednesday, it’s the season finale of Black Gold. Those Texas oil men pack it in after a job well, a dirtily, done.

Thursday is a huge night with the winners crowned on both Last Comic Standing and So You Think You Can Dance. Who will take home the prizes? I think we’re in for a surprise on both counts.

Thursday also brings the season finale of My Boys, which involves a wedding…maybe.

So there you go. Out with the old and in with the new. And then it’s only four weeks until the fall season and the return of my favorite shows. I can’t wait! Can you?

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