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Miley hosts the Teen Choice Awards

Fox could claim the night with the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, with appearances by Mariah Carey, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron.

The next Zac and Vanessa?So, a funny thing happened to me while I was watching High School Musical: Get in the Game last night. The kids on the show were doing this long, drawn out exercise where they were asked to give a few first impressions of their fellow contestants. I was bored after the second contestant and hit the fast-forward on the DVR.

My teenage son (whom I had no idea was watching from behind me) said, ‘hey, I want to see that!’

Huh? My teenage son wants to watch High School Musical: Get in the Game? Turns out he found the phony accolades of the teens on the show to be highly amusing. He was even more amused when the truth started to come out and phrases like “dumb blonde” were bandied about. It was my least favorite part of the show, well, actually, most of it was my least favorite part of the show. As much as I appreciate all of the character building exercises, I’d rather see them sing and dance.

HGTV chose a new Design Star last night and it was Jennifer. You can see her less-than-enthusiastic response to the announcement over on

Tonight on TV

ABC is all new tonight with more “HSM: Get in the Game,” followed by “Wanna Bet” and “The Mole.”

NBC is also new with the season finales of both “American Gladiators” and “Nashville Star.”

CBS is all reruns with their usual sitcoms followed by “CSI: Miami.”

And The CW goes with old eps of “Gossip Girl” and “One Tree Hill.”

Over on cable

“Paranormal State” returns to A&E. It’s “Take Home Nanny,” on TLC, and The Closer and Saving Grace on TNT.

VH1 pulls the wraps off of three new shows tonight, Work for Diddy, a kind of “Apprentice” for the urban man, New York Goes Hollywood and Luke’s Parental Advisory.

News and notable

Not surprisingly, Fox has ordered up a fifth season of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Robert Forster will join the cast of “Heroes” playing father to Nathan and Peter Petrelli.

WE has ordered up six episodes of “Little Miss Perfect,” a documentary series about beauty pageants for children.

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