Five fantastic Olympic females, where are they now?

Aug 3, 2008 at 9:21 p.m. ET

The Olympics have produced its share of athletic mastery from some fantastic females. Here are five from recent Olympic history and an update on what they're doing now.

Mary Lou Retton

Then: Mary Lou Retton stole America's heart in 1984 with her sweep of the Los Angeles games propelling the American team to a gold medal while sending millions of little girls into gyms across the country.

A golden smile from Mary Lou Retton in 1984

Now: Mary Lou Lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and four girls...yes, four girls! One of her Mimi-Me's is below. Millions in endorsements and the cover of every magazine, attending Hollywood premieres and then she, like so many Olympians, settled into a domestic life filled with bliss.

Aren't they cute! Seriously!

Retton also hosts a television program called "Mary Lou's Flip Flop Shop" in syndication and continues the endorsements as well as speaking gigs.

The darling of the 1992 Olympics weilds her medal

Summer Sanders

Then: Set the world afire in 1992 winning two golds, a silver and bronze for the medal trifecta at the Barcelona games.

Summer set a standard for women's swimming that still exists to this day.

With a name that almost guaranteed her swimming legend, Sanders lived up to her moniker by progressing through the swimming world like a typhoon in 1991-1992.

Her Olympic career consisted of the rarest of Olympic wins, yes the two gold medals, silver and a bronze. But the most compelling aspect was her smile throughout it all.

Many an athlete that came before had bemoaned medals less than gold, but Summer blazed the Spanish summer heat and proudly wore her five.

Now: A slew of endorsements came her way and then slowly but surely, Summer successfully worked her way into broadcasting.

As co-host of the professional basketball show, "Inside the NBA," Summer has proved as adapt at handling professional basketball players, both male and female, as she was navigating a pool.

Also a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and a host of the Oxygen network's "Glutes Special Edition," Sanders is ever expanding her broadcasting reach. 

A perfect hostSummer has made an incredible career since impressing the world with her swimming skills.

The double-gold medal winner has made more of a name for herself since the Olympics' glare faded than during the craziness surrounding her medals in 1992.

Whether fending off bad jokes from her former co-cost of "Inside Stuff" Ahmad Rashad or giving the big names of sports the tough questions as a hard nosed sports journalist, Sanders is continually hitting her mark.

Steffi's 1984 gold introduced her

Steffi Graf

Then: Everyone knows what Steffi is up to now, she's a retired tennis legend, wife to Andre Agassi and mother of two children.

What most don't know is that Steffi got her start as the gold medal winner for tennis in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

The gold medal winner was introduced to a tennis world that had only heard of her promise from afar.

Watching her at work during those 1984 games was simply a glimpse into the potential she would achieve becoming one of women's tennis' best, if not the best.

Now: Steffi went on to win 22 Grand Slam titles and is considered to have obtained a career never to be surpased anytime soon. Her almost two-dozen championships is second in history all time, by man or woman. Period.

The Graf-Agassi clan lives in Las Vegas where the only playing either husband or wife is doing is with their children. But if it benefits a worthy cause, they'll pick up their rackets. 

A regular on the charity scene, the couple is heavily also involved in fostering tennis' next generation through their camps, clinics and scholarships.

Here's Steffi and Andre showing their Hollywood clout with superstar Ellen DeGeneres at a recent Los Angeles fundraiser.

Steffi is always there to help

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