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Nikki Blonsky beats ANTM alum in airport brawl

“Hairspray” actress Nikki Blonsky and her father have been arrested at a Carribbean airport for assaulting “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Bianca Golden and her mother.

Nikki and Bianca have it out in paradiseA huge family brawl broke out in the departure area lounge of the Providenciales airport in the Turks and Caicos islands when Bianca’s family decided they wanted seats that Nikki felt were hers.

The Goldens wanted to sit in five seats Nikki says she was saving for her own family members. Screaming and violence began, and one Golden family member bit Nikki’s foot!

But sadly, it does get more serious: Bianca’s mother had to be transported off the island and is in ICU in a Florida hospital for the treatment of serious head injuries inflicted by Nikki’s father.

Both Nikki and Bianca have been charged with assault, Nikki with two counts, and both are out on bail awaiting an autumn court date.

Nikki’s father has not gotten off so lightly. He has been charged with inflicting bodily harm and has to wait it out in the island jail until August 8.

Sounds like a great vacation!

Nikki’s among the stars visiting SheKnows on the yellow carpet of the MTV Movie Awards. She was calmer then!

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