Judge Judy tape shows LA earthquake

Jul 31, 2008 at 5:16 p.m. ET

Want to witness the Los Angeles earthquake first hand? Judge Judy was at work filming her courtroom show when the 5.4 tremor hit Hollywood.

Judy's show was a little shakenThe video, released by the "Judge Judy" show illustrates the unnerving feeling that accompanies any earth movement.

Listen to the rattle and watch the honest and piercing glances from not only Miss Judy, but her show's guests as well.

These people look scared. It was a jarring experience that the Los Angeles and Southern California region is still talking about, to quote the major of Los Angeles, this "was a wake-up call."

Thus far, no major injuries or fatalities have been announced. Thankfully, the earthquake was centered 12 miles below the surface. According to the USGS, most Southern California earthquakes emanate from two to three miles below ground. If this 5.4 earthquake had been at that level, the situation above ground would be markedly different.

As this "Judge Judy" tape shows on Los Angeles affiliate KCAL that carries Judy's program, Los Angelinos know what to do...head outside. Notice the ever forceful Judge Judy is still behind her gavel adding her two cents.

Thanks to LA's KCAL for the footage!

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