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Top 10 irrelevant song lyrics of all time


Songs usually age well. A few do not. These are the Top 10 Irrelevant Song Lyrics starring the one and only Beatles.

Roxanne has no light

Top 10 songs with irrelevant lyrics

10. Roxanne by The Police

A red light, seriously, Sting! Have you heard of a little invention called the internet?Not to mention the fact that, ironically, Police and time have managed to clear Britain and America’s streets of brothels and street walkers.

For Roxanne to turn on a red light would be no big deal in 2008. People have blue lights, red lights, green lights adorning their homes all the time. Doesn’t mean their engaged in illegal

“Roxanne” may be one of the greatest songs in rock history, but its relevance has faded.

9. Little Deuce Coupe by The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys may have owned one, but if there are any still on the road, pleas let us know.

Especially with fuel prices breaking records every day, the idea of a gas guzzler cruising the streets is such an image of a long gone era. A effective little ditty in terms of pop music
credibility, “Little Deuce Coupe” still lies in the bin of music discards because the Beach Boys’ lyrics have no relevance to today’s listeners.

8. 57 Channels and Nothing On by Bruce Springsteen

The song was written at a time when everyone thought Springsteen’s ode to cable television was so clever. The cable television explosion had brought 57 options of different

How quaint!

In 2008, to count channels would be futile. Depending on your level of television dedication, you could have as many channels on your television as are stations in the world.

Try finding nothing on then! Honestly, bet there would still be times where there was “Nothing On.”

Sorry Bruce, you’re not The Boss on this one.

Next up…Bryan Adams and Paul Davis commit the same mathematical error

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