90210 gives SheKnows a first look

90210 is back. Impossible to miss and we love it! Led by Shenae Grimes and Tristan Wilds, the pair play brother and sister Dannie and Dixon Wilson who head from the Midwest to Hollywood. Many new faces return for the reboot including Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling.

Shenae leads the new 90210

The action is back at a high school in the notorious zip code of the title and follows the Wilson siblings as they leave Kansas and enter the world of high school in Beverly Hills.


The CW has given SheKnows a series of early photos of the cast. First up is Shenae Grimes who made her mark taking another pop culture hit show, “Degrassi,” and bringing it to another generation with “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”


Tristan plays Shenae's brother Dixon

Grimes’ character Annie and her brother Dixon have the unfortunate premise in this version of “90210” to have the job that sends their father west is that he is the new Beverly Hills high school principal.


What a nightmare for any teenager! Much less a pair moving to Beverly Hills!


Producers Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah pack a punch.


Where Aaron Spelling had produced “Charlie’s Angels” and “Dynasty” before tackling “90210,” Sachs and Judah too have a stellar list of previous shows.

They were behind “Freaks and Geeks” and “Undeclared,” as well as “Just Shoot Me” and “What about Brian.”

Your supporting cast


90210 favorites

Familiar faces abound as casting announced last week that it has secured Shannen Doherty to serve as a visiting drama teacher. That would explain what she’s been up to since she left. Acting in New York City.


Rob Estes' back on primetime soaps

Doherty is not the only face from another era. Peach Pit owner and often times father figure Nat is back and actor Joe E. Tata must be thrilled. The former After Dark is still there as a club, but now it’s an all ages hot spot simply called, “Pit.”


The CW has scored in casting their update of the zip code.


“Melrose Place” veteran Rob Estes plays principal pa, Harry Wilson. Lori Loughlin of “Full House” fame plays his wife, Debbie.


What made the original Beverly Hills, “90210” so compelling is the contrast exhibited by the Walsh twins as they entered a world that might as well have been a foreign country. Where in the ’90s it was the Walsh’s, here in 2008 CW moves the Wilson’s to Beverly Hills.



Tackling the issues

Hopefully this “90210” will also tackle the tough issues confronting teenagers in America today. That is when the Spelling produced show excelled. Donna Martin graduates! Kelly’s addicted to cocaine!


“Beverly Hills, 90210” is a classic fish out of water story that this time shows Dixon and Annie that they are not in Kansas anymore. They are in “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

And who could forget in the show’s inaugural season, the gripping and harsh realities of teenage suicide. If “90210” combines all the above and a serious dose of unbridled teenage fun, it looks as if the CW will have a the high school drama world covered with its sister show, “Gossip Girl.”

The CW's


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