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Shear Genius, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance

It’s a Charlie’s Angels reunion on Shear Genius and Rachael Ray goes to the dogs.

Shear Genius finds its inner AngelLast night I got hooked into “NCIS.”

Abby trying to quit her Diet Cokes! Yikes. I’d go nuts if I had to do that, so it was great for a laugh. (And yes, there are great laughs in “NCIS.”)

After that it was “America’s Got Talent,” with an Ozzy impersonator so real Sharon asked him to drop his pants so she could make sure he wasn’t really her husband.

Next week, finally, is Vegas week. Hopefully at that time we’ll get to see these acts in full and no more of this clip here and clip there.

Tonight on TV

FOX goes big with “So You Think You Can Dance.”

CBS starts strong with “Greatest American Dog,” then rolls into reruns of “Criminal Minds” and “CSI: NY.”

ABC begins with reruns of “Wife Swap” and “Supernanny,” then reveals a new “Primetime: Crime.”

NBC reruns “America’s Got Talent,” has a new “Baby Borrowers,” and an old “Law & Order.”

The CW is all reruns with “America’s Next Top Model” and “Pussycat Dolls.” 

Over on cable

There’s a “Charles’ Angels” reunion on “Shear Genius,” when Kate Jackson stops by, and before that Sandra Bernhard visits the designers on “Project Runway.”

TVLand has the “Family Foreman,” “Tyler Perry” is new on TBS and SCI FI has new “Ghost Hunters International” and two new “Scare Tactics.” 

News and notable

CBS is reviving the old Michael Douglas and Karl Malden show, “Streets of San Francisco.” Stay tuned to SheKnows Television for casting news.

Mark Wahlberg will produce “How to Make it in America” for HBO, about hustlers searching for the American dream.

NBC is importing a Canadian drama called “18 to Life” about a teenage couple who marry on a dare.

Rachael Ray is launching her own line of dog food which comes in a can that can be opened in under 30 minutes.

Rapper Nelly will have a story arc on the new season of “CSI: NY.”

“Idol” produces are in development on a remake of “What’s My Line.”

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