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Keira Knightley vetoes bigger bust on movie poster

Actress Keira Knightley is standing up for women of all sizes. The “Atonement” star is furious with the studio behind her latest movie, “Duchess,” and their efforts to enhance her bust in the film’s posters.

Knightley has insisted that the poster be un-airbrushed and returned to her normally beautiful A-cup self.

The new posters for “Duchess” feature Knightley in a more C-cup enhancement that has the “Pirates” actress steamed.

She says she is standing up for women everywhere to be “at home in their bodies” and never feel that they have to change for anyone. The 23-year-old starlet has been a frequent target of body image issues from the “is she too skinny?” rumors to repeated pressures to get breast enhancement surgery. All are brushed off by the gorgeous actress.

Knightley enhanced in Arthur, not this time!

As you can see above, Knightley was a less powerful star when she appeared in “King Arthur” in 2004. Knightley told reporters that the enhanced poster showed breasts she described as: “those things weren’t really mine.”

But, she was simply beginning her career and kept her mouth shut at the time.

Add in a few billion dollar “Pirates” movies, an Oscar nomination cavalcade for “Atonement” and Knightley, thank goodness, gets to dictate her look on movie promotions that can do nothing but help the body image of millions of women internationally.

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