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August movie preview, the summer blockbuster’s final chapter


Enter the final chapter in our very own trilogy, the SheKnows Summer Movie Preview. In this third installment, SheKnows has gone over 30 films opening in theaters during the final four weeks of the summer blockbuster season.

August, SheKnows Entertainment is happy to report, is a month of joy for those seeking to enjoy their movies where everything does not explode! For those of you who still enjoy an action hero or heroine, they still permeate August’s movie screens.

From the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” sequel starring “Ugly Betty’s” America Ferrara and “Gossip Girl’s” Blake Lively, to Anna Farris’ delightful Playboy Bunny bounced from the mansion-themed comedy, “House Bunny,” SheKnows has the last of this year’s summer movies covered.

August 1

Swing Vote
Kevin Costner stars in this story ripped from the headlines of a certain presidential election from 2000. Portraying presidents in this comedic farce are Kelsey Grammer (who is hilarious) and Dennis Hopper. The two form a comic yin and yang that should produce some decent box office numbers.

Although it is competing with a Mummy movie, look for “Swing Vote” to swing some audiences into theaters. This likely won’t be a landslide, but Costner’s everyman who decides the country’s future, has as much charm as any leading man this summer.

Smiling, always a Kevin Costner highlight

Transsiberian (limited)
Star Kate Mara spoke to SheKnows about this thriller that she says, “goes beyond what you’ve seen in thrillers.”

The story concerns a couple (Emily Mortimer, Woody Harrelson), who are taking a little train ride through the titular locale when a strange couple (including Mara) boards their train.

Ben Kingsley also stars as a Russian man with one thing on his mind. Given Kingsley’s bad guy cinematic resume, the end of “Transsiberian” cannot end to well for any of the characters riding that train. 

SheKnows will be attending a July 30 Hollywood premiere of the film, we’ll keep you posted!

Flying back into theatersThe Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Could it not be summer without a third installment of some film that did not need the update?

Brendan Fraser returns for the franchise that has made over $500 million globally.

This time out, Academy Award-winner Rachel Weisz opts out of the dust bowl and indie darling Maria Bello gets her stab at summer movie popcorn thrills. She’s fabulous and we look forward to her chemistry with green screens!

The story…does it really matter? It’s a thrill ride.

Martial arts wizard Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) join the cast as the bad guy and girl respectively who try to ruin Brendan and Maria’s day. From the previews, these two do a pretty solid job.

The Midnight Meat Train (limited)
Another train film, another limited opening, but “The Midnight Meat Train” and “Transsiberian” are two completely different films in genre and audience.

Leslie Bibb and Vinnie Jones from “Snatch” star and it is none too soon for that man to lead a film. Jones is heavy on the accent and is an actor who pushes his throttle every time he’s inhabits a role.

Up next, the ‘Sisterhood’ travels well and a pineapple takes the express train to hilarity…

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