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So You Think You Can Dance: top 8 results

It was an emotional and shocking elimination on So You Think You Can Dance.

Your final sixI am flummoxed! (I’ve waited years for a chance to use that word!) Last night’s “So You Think You Can Dance” was a real shocker and I’m still recovering!

Granted, at this point in the competition good people are going to get caught because they’re all really great, well the guys are, anyway. But it still confused me to no end to see two of the top guys in the bottom two!

If you look at the performances as a whole, Mark and Joshua should have taken the bottom slots. Even Mark couldn’t believe it when he found out he made it through. He thought it was a mistake, a joke and so did Will, I’m sure when his name was called. The toughest part was watching Twitch react to the news that he too was in danger of elimination. He walked upstage and fell to his knees and cried, back to the camera. Poor Cat had to go and coax him back to his spot. In the end it was a very gracious Will who was sent packing. No fear that he won’t have a career, though. He’s marvelous.

As for Twitch, I wondered if the recent rumblings on the Internet about him being in “Hairspray” caused him to drop in popularity. Here he’s portrayed as a street dancer with no training but it turns out he’s had a featured dance role in a Broadway-style musical. And it is really a popularity contest and not a talent contest, at least at this stage of the game.

In less dramatic news, Courtney and Comfort were in the bottom two and Comfort was eliminated, again.

The rest of the show did nothing much for me this week. The opening hip hop number was tough to watch with the odd costumes and the directorial style. Not a favorite. The Pas de Deux from the Los Angeles Ballet was lovely, and it’s a style that’s not covered on the show so that was special. LL Cool J was the musical guest, and again, I pass.

So here’s who we’re left with, Chelsie, Mark, Twitch, Courtney, Katee, and Joshua.

But which one will be the ultimate winner of “So You Think You Can Dance?” It won’t be long before we find out.

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