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Britney Spears THS and Ashley Paige highlight the night

An Olympic star gets a makeover and is there really any more that needs to be said about Britney? Guess so…she’s getting the THS treatment.

I’m still recovering from last night’s shocking elimination on “So You Think You Can Dance,” more on that in my weekly recap. After that I tuned in for the third episode of “Flashpoint.” I’m not sure I can keep watching this and not because it’s bad TV but because it’s so realistically depressing! It seems like no matter what anyone does on the show, someone dies. Yeah, others live because of it, but wow, this one gets me down. If you like your cop dramas on the military action side, this is for you.

I’ve also given up on “Greatest American Dog.” Just bored with it now. Feeling that way about a lot of these fluffy shows. I really can’t wait for the new fall season to begin.

Which brings me to:

Ashley Paige debuts

Tonight on TV

The big four are almost devoid of life tonight.
ABC has the finale of “Dance Machine,” (Finale? I didn’t even know it was on.) and “Duel.” And they cap it with a new “20/20.”

CBS has reruns of “Ghost Whisperer” and “Numb3rs” then runs with a new “Swingtown” in its new timeslot.

The CW goes “Smackdown” all night long.

FOX has “Anger Management” issues.

NBC has an hour of “Most Outrageous Moments” and ends with “Dateline NBC.” 

Over on cable

There’s life!

Animal Planet makes a strong showing with new episodes of “Meerkat Manor,” “Extraordinary Animals,” and “Animal Cops: South Africa.”

E! has a new “True Hollywood Story” on an old subject, Britney Spears and follows that with “The Soup.”

SCI FI starts with an old “Joan of Arcadia” episode and follows with new episodes of “Doctor Who” and “Stargate Atlantis.”

TLC has an Olympic swimmer on “What Not to Wear” and then its “Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust,” a really fun show.  Check it out.

Finally USA has new episodes of “Monk” and “Psych.”

Stick with cable tonight and you’ll get through. 

News and notable

McG and FX are developing a cop show set in the Wild West.  That sounds like something I’ll adore.

Elizabeth Berkley is in development on a reality show that deals with self esteem issues.

Pamela Anderson has a new reality series about her life but you won’t see her kids, as she’s decided to keep them off camera. (Good for you, Pam.)

Autumn Reeser (“The OC”) has a guest spot on “Pushing Daisies.”

Entertainment Weekly supposed “Swingtown” will not be renewed. Y’a think?

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