Heather Locklear checks out of rehab

Jul 25, 2008 at 1:10 p.m. ET

It struck us as a surprise when Heather Locklear checked herself into rehab for unspecified purposes. We are thrilled to report, she has gone home.

Heather heads homeOne of our fave primetime vixens left a treatment facility.

That's right: Heather Locklear left the facility in Arizona only four weeks after being treated for anxiety and depression.

Heather is now back home in California and is reunited with her ten year-old daughter, Ava. The "Melrose Place" veteran has no plans on her agenda at the moment to speak about her experiences. When she does her press tour for her upcoming Lifetime movies, we'll be sure to get you the details on how our favorite prime-time beauty is doing.

In the story a friend told People that she's feeling great. "She looks beautiful, just radiant."

We lend our support to her, too!

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