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Glenn Close and Ted Danson on Emmys and Damages

It’s no surprise to “Damages” fans that Glenn Close and Ted Danson nabbed Emmy nominations last week. Just don’t expect the veteran actress of stage and screen to weigh in on the competition just yet.

Glenn rules TV law with passion and power

Emmy excellence

“I am a horrible person to ask!” she admitted just the day before the nom when we asked which strong female TV characters she admires.
“I don’t watch much television. My husband isn’t in the business and he doesn’t think its fun to sit for hours in front of the television, so I don’t watch.”

That said, she was happy to rave about the character that helped her land this nom.

“Patty’s up there with the Marquise de Merteuil and all those characters,” Close told SheKnows.

“It’s so funny, because I’m so not like the characters I play. I’m much more indecisive, vague and random. (As an actress,) you have to keep yourself open, so that you can become different things. It’s a totally different way of communicating.”

Patty’s wicked tongue may not be Close’s first language, but Emmy heard her loud and clear!

“Damages” set records for its Emmy nominations.

Ted’s thrilled to be back on TV

Emmy Nominee Ted Danson is still part of the “Damages” team, but no one knows what the future holds for his presumably dead character, Arthur Frobisher.
Not even Danson knows, but he’s used to going blind at this gig.
Ted's character future on Damages is a mystery“You’re so dependent on (the writers), because you don’t know what’s happening next,” he said of his show when SheKnows cornered him after the Damages TCA panel.

“It gets rewritten all the time, but I’m the typical actor who falls into the trap where you want to play the result, so it’s actually kind of freeing. It’s wonderful not to know what I’m going to do on page 10 when I’m doing page two! I have no idea what the end is, so I get to come across as a sociopath.”

As for all the other nominations his show landed, Danson is not likely surprised. It was the team involved with the show that lured him to sign on to begin with.

“The signs went to, ‘This is going to be creative,'” he recalls.

“You can tell the seriousness of intent when you talk to our writers, this is a burning passion coming from them, not a committee. They’re having fun figuring out what they want. Then you look at their pedigree, they came from the ‘Sopranos.’ Hard to beat! Allen Coulter was the director. Hard to beat! Then you have Glenn Close, who picks great material. All of those things add up.”

We’ll have to see whether they add up to seven Emmys!

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