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Catching Ashton Kutcher on the fly


Once producer Ashton Kutcher wrapped his press conference on his upcoming ABC game show “Opportunity Knocks,” a SheKnows reporter ran to Kutcher’s side for a “more intimate” chat. Let’s see what we can find out in the time it takes Ashton to walk from stage to the limo? Read on and find out!

Ashton gives SheKnows a smileSheKnows: What game shows do you like?

Ashton Kutcher: I think this show has a strong influence of the “Newlywed Game.” I really liked that show when I was a kid. I liked “Family Feud,” the “Price is Right” and what was that one with the ticktacktoe thing? It wasn’t “Tic Tac Toe”…it was “Hollywood Squares!”

SheKnows: Does the production of “Opportunity Knocks” limit the types of families that can be on it? It seems like they have big wide streets and yards to accommodate you, since you set up right there.

Ashton Kutcher: Somewhat, yeah. We have to have room to set up our stage, but we’re setting it up on the street. They shut down the whole street for the show.

SheKnows: Will we see some cultural diversity on the show?

Ashton Kutcher: Very possibly. We want to get a maximum diversity on the show. We want to do it with everyone. Contemporary, real families is what we’re looking for.

SheKnows: Is “Beauty and the Geek” dead?

Ashton Kutcher: I don’t know that it’s going to be on the CW, but I don’t know that it’s dead yet.

SheKnows: Are you trying to sell it, and are you making any changes to that end?

The gang's all hereAshton Kutcher: Potentially. I might change the format a little bit, but I can’t really say. I haven’t sold it to anyone else yet, but I would like to.

SheKnows:Tell us about your upcoming movies.

Ashton Kutcher: I have two films coming up. One’s called “Personal Effects.” I play an Olympic wrestler and it’s about two people who fall in love on the steps of the courthouse. The other one is a movie called “Spread,” where I play a young, Hollywood player who sleeps with women for their money.

SheKnows: Did you have to get into shape for the wrestling movie?

Ashton Kutcher: Yeah. I worked out like six hours a day.

SheKnows: What items do you have in your fridge?

Ashton Kutcher: The refrigerator is kind of stocked. Food items, I don’t know. Usually quesadillas. They’re a big hit in my family. Then there’s a lot of honey. My girls like eating honey a lot.

SheKnows: What’s your fave place in Vegas?

Ashton Kutcher: I don’t really have one. I don’t really go. I haven’t in a long time. I went to shoot that movie there and that was it. Haven’t been there since.

A man who moves fast gives us a quick interview

SheKnows: You do both the acting and the business side of this biz: which side excites you the most?

Ashton Kutcher: I’m most excited to go home. Just to be at home with my family. Sorry, I have to take off guys.

…and he was into his limo. Not bad, stage to limo in 10 questions. Only at SheKnows Entertainment!

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