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Twilight fans flock to new trailer

Edward and Bella of “Twilight” fame have an army of fans awaiting the fourth installment of Stephenie Meyer’s pop culture phenomenon when it hits bookshelves in August, but SheKnows has the trailer to the first movie. It’s not due until December.

You don’t want to miss this look at the most anticipated film of the upcoming holiday season. After selling millions of books Stephenie Meyer is being called the next J.K. Rowling. Meyer’s series mirrors Potter’s success in its passionate fan base and quality literary prose. After reading the books, you too will be swept up in this thrilling, passionate masterpiece.

The film for “Twilight” lands in theaters in December. Summit Entertainment has given SheKnows the second trailer in the series. Providing new scenes and dialogue, the pulse of “Twilight” fans should be ever increasing with the passing of the days.


Here you go “Twilight” fans, your next tease into the cinematic world of Edward and Bella:

On the following pages…a special bonus, new stills from the movie!

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