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Kristin Chenoweth survives a ‘Daises’ bar fight

When we caught up with Kristin Chenoweth on the set of her show “Pushing Daisies” on July 22 (just outside the Pie Hole!), we found her wearing an odd looking finger brace and it wasn’t part of her wacky character’s wardrobe.

Pushing Daisies star has her hands full“I was in a really bad bar fight last night,” Chenoweth joked when we asked her about it. “You should see the other guy!”

The true story may sound a bit less exciting, but turned out to be quite dangerous. “I’m in the middle of recoding my Christmas album at Capital Records and I was bit by something,” Chenoweth explains.

“I just remember, ‘Ow!’ And then I looked down and saw red streaking. Jay Landers, who produced all of Barbara Streisand’s records saw it and said, ‘You need to get the hospital, right now!’ I was like, ‘No, no.’ I felt stupid. I didn’t want to go to the ER.”

Luckily, Landers’ better judgment prevailed and Chenoweth was rushed to the hospital.

“It turns out it was a brown recluse spider, which can affect your heart,” she gasped. “It’s pretty dangerous.”  

Despite the pratfalls of “Pushing Daiseys,” Chenoweth is clearly winking at her audience when she refers to her drawbacks, in fact, there are none.

“What feeds me while I’m doing ‘Pushing Daisies’ is the concert work, because I pick it and do it. There’s nothing like a live audience. I got to say.”

Biggest Emmy competition?

“I don’t even know! I had a photo shoot right after the telecast for my Christmas album, which I start recording tomorrow for October. I don’t even know whose up, but I know they’re amazing. I’m just going to enjoy the moment.”

What about the dress for the big night? We need to know!

“The dress! I liked Armani for the Oscars,” she said. “I’ll probably go there.”

Perfect choice, you can’t go wrong!

Say, is there anything you can’t do? “I cannot load the dishwasher and I pretty much suck at math,” Chenoweth said.

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