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Nashville Star: week seven recap

I can’t name that tune in ten notes…it was original song night on Nashville Star last night. What went right? What went wrong?

It's down to fourIt was original song week on “Nashville Star” and it left me wondering. Country music singers get a bad wrap sometimes but can you imagine those “American Idol” contestants writing and performing their own music? Not many would pass that test, but all five of the remaining stars passed with flying colors.

The only song I didn’t care for that much was Coffey‘s ode to the Southern man. It was one of those cute, novelty songs that sometimes hits big but it was too hard to sing and not all that memorable.

On the other hand, I walked away singing Shawn Mayer’s tune “I’m Not Looking Back,” a tribute to the boyfriend she left behind to go pursue her dream. Actually, that was the odd thing about last night.  All of the songs sounded so familiar. Is that copy-cat syndrome or just a sign of good songwriting? Either way, at least three of these tunes could be a hit.

Ashlee Hewitt came out with a Taylor Swift style tune called “Mike’s Hard Lemonade.” Jewel really loved it and it sounds like they’ll be working on something together in the future. Good thing, since last night was Ashlee’s last on “Nashville Star.”

Gabe Garcia did a nice job with “Lost Weekend,” a song about a couple trying to rekindle that old flame. The chorus on this was particularly memorable and with a little coaching this guy could be a huge star.

And then there was Melissa Lawson belting out another female empowerment tune called “Ready to Stand.” Yes, she’s got a great voice, but I’m so over all those faces she makes when she sings. I’d like her on radio but on stage she drives me nuts.

So there are only two more weeks to go and I think the balance of power may have shifted. Shawn should have been the next to go but she’s sitting pretty after this week. I’m thinking Coffey will be the next to go and probably Gabe since he hasn’t grown much from day one.

Right now I’m calling it between Melissa and Shawn and I’m learning to Shawn as the final winner.

Tune in next Monday at 9:00 to see who is going home on “Nashville Star.”

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