Christian Bale arrested for assaulting Mom and sister

Say it ain’t so, Batman! Right on the heels of the humongous opening weekend of “The Dark Knight,” Christian Bale has been arrested.

At the premiere, Bale seemed unnervedAs for the reason? Oh no, Robin!

According to published reports the 34 year-old attacked his mum and sister.

Now that’s so not cool in superherodom. Apparently he was detained on a suspicion of assault which occurred at his suite at the posh Dorchester Hotel in London this past weekend.

Sadly, this was literally right before the British premiere of his new flick in London’s Leicester Square.

Bale was arrested after he was questioned at a police station, only at that time his identity wasn’t revealed but we know now better.

His mama and sister submitted a formal complaint against the Welsh-born actor known for his roles in “American Psycho”, “Empire of the Sun” and “Batman Begins.”

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