Numb3rs star David Krumholtz talks about his surprise engagement

Jul 21, 2008 at 2:43 a.m. ET

"Numb3rs" star David Krumholtz hoped to surprise his girlfriend of over two years, Vanessa Britting, with a romantic Parisian proposal. least it was romantic!

Aren't they cute!"We're going to get married in two years," Krumholtz confirmed to SheKnows at a CBS press party on July 18.

"Actually, I proposed one month ago, so it's 23 months now. We were in Paris and went to Châteaux Versailles. I did it in the garden. I tried to surprise her, but I kind of blew it."

His bride-to-be, who has starred in "Without a Trace" and "The Young and the Restless," as well as "Numb3rs," was a bit kinder about it. "It's hard when you're living with someone and they're your best friend to keep a secret from them," Britting concedes, adding that she's absolutely on board with the two-year waiting period before their big day.

"The thought of starting to plan a wedding, as soon as he asked me, I freaked out! I'd been dealing with my brother's wedding this summer and that planning just does stuff to your family. There's no way I could have planned a wedding right now for next year."

For Krumhotlz, the reason to wait is a mix of business and personal. In addition to having a hush hush directorial project he wants to focus on, he also admits, "I'm a little OCD with my planning. I need everything all planned out, so it was, 'I want to be married at 32' and that's that. It's weird."

It's all about the "Numb3rs," apparently, but Krumholtz claims not to share his character Charlie Eppes' mathematical genius. "Really bad at math," he demurs. "I am a perfectionist in my work like his is, and I'm a little neurotic and he's a little neurotic, but that's about as far as the similarity knows. I'm certainly not brilliant."

"I think you're brilliant sweetie!" Britting chimes in, which is good, all things considered!

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