Justin Timberlake hosts ESPYs Sunday

Can Justin Timberlake do no wrong?

Justin arrives at the ESPYs, which he hostsSeriously! Justin Timberlake has got it going on.

He’s a Grammy award-winner and an actor, most recently in Mike Myers recent comedy flick, “Love Guru.” Justin’s also a restauranteur with his Southern Hospitality restaurant in Manhattan.

And now, the sports junkie (a recent golf visit to the U.S. Open proved that!) has hosted the 2008 ESPY Awards which will air on July 20. Apparently he has a sense of humor, too.

It is reported that during the show he apparently poked fun at himself with the 2004 wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson, proving yet again JT is multi-talented, and best of all…capable of self deprecating humor.

That’s why we love him!

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