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Eli Stone’s Jason George tells us about AFTRA negotiations

Fresh from a panel discussing ABC’s “Eli Stone,” star Jason George shared a piece of his mind with SheKnows about the current SAG negotiations.

George spoke to SheKnowsWith the pull of the Writers Guild strike still weighing on the industry, not to mention the airwaves, The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) negotiated and signed their own new contract back in March; but their sister organization SAG decided to go its own way and 6 weeks later, continues to negotiating for more.

SAG has also been asking members to sign a letter of solidarity, striking fear of another strike in the hearts of execs, actors and fans alike, but you can be certain dual member Jason George (Eli Stone) isn’t signing on that dotted line!

“I am in complete support of both of my unions as institutions,” Jason George, a AFTRA board member, tells SheKnows.

“But as we’ve learned with the United States of America, just because you love your country, doesn’t mean you necessarily love the guy running it. This is the same sort of situation, for me personally. I agree with a lot of the people in leadership positions now, but not in everything. I can agree with what you’re trying to get, but not how you’re trying to get it. The devil’s in the details.”

With negotiators from SAG and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers set to sit down today, we’ll have to see how those details play out.

Don’t touch that dial!

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