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Project Runway, Celebrity Circus, Dance and more

Make it work! Project Runway returns while Celebrity Circus crowns a winner.

Tim Gunn looks thrilledAnother round of auditions on “America’s Got Talent” and I’m bored. I don’t know why they just don’t turn this into a weekly talent show, a la “The Gong Show” and be done with it. At this point, they’ve put so many people through to Vegas it’s ridiculous. And I’m really tired of the lame acts looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

What I did enjoy last night was TLC’s docudrama on Ashley Paige. I’ve seen this designer pop up on some other reality show (one of the modeling ones, I imagine) and I always thought she was a huge success. Turns out she’s one hot designer but she doesn’t have the money to make her clothes in bulk so she’s in big trouble. Full of quirky personalities, as most of these shows are, I’m hooked. 

Tonight on TV

It’s the top ten performing on “So You Think You Can Dance” on FOX.

NBC goes with one rerun, one new “Baby Borrowers” and caps that with the finale of “Celebrity Circus.”

CBS sends someone home from the “Big Brother” house, then it’s reruns of “Criminal Minds” and “CSI: NY.”

ABC has reruns of “Wife Swap” and “Supernanny” followed by a new “Primetime: Crime.”

The CW gets real with old episodes of “Top Model” and “Pussycat Dolls.” 

Over on cable

Plenty of summer season premieres tonight, starting with a big one — “Project Runway” returns on Bravo at 9:00. That’s followed by an all new “Shear Genius.”

A&E breaks out a new season of “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” TVLand bows “Family Foreman” at 10:00 and MTV begins a new season of “Run’s House.”

If you’re a Batman buff, History channel has a new special, “Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight,” and over on SCI FI it’s “Ghost Hunters International” and “Scare Tactics.” 

News and notable

FX has announced the end of “Nip/Tuck,” in 2011. They’re shooting for 100 episodes and then done.

Ted Danson will return for more “Damages.”

Michael J. Fox will join the cast of “Rescue Me,” which makes me smile!

TVWeek reports that Amy Poehler is in talks to star in “The Office” spin-off.

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