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Miley Cyrus wants Sex and the City for teens


Just as Miley Cyrus has one photo scandal die down, has another arisen?

Oops! She did it againThis is right as she tells latest issue of TV Guide that she wants to do a G-rated “Sex and the City.”

As if that is possible!

Now Miley has to fend off a new photo scandal. The photos allegedly are of her in the shower have appeared on the internet. A hacker found their way into Cyrus’ cell phone and the photo is now online where the singer is seen in the shower in only a white T-shirt.

Now, probably not a big deal, but the irony of the comments to TV Guide about the wishes for heading up a “Sex and the City” for kids (huh?), is that Cyrus yet again has had suggestive photos appear on the internet.

Just as her Vanity Fair photo scandal has become yesterday’s news, there is a new photo scandal of the singer acting older than her age. Here she is yet again, hardly Disney’s idea of great publicity. Miley Cyrus permeating the topic of national conversation for posing in a suggestive manner is never good for anyone involved with the Cyrus machine. 

Even if Miley thought it was just for her own amusement, someone needs to tell this girl to stop taking photos of herself!

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