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Nashville Star: week six recap

The romantic side of vandalism and the teenagers get their hands slapped on national TV.

The girls got it right this weekIt was “Love Song” week on “Nashville Star” and overall the performances were better than usual. Maybe everyone is upping their game or maybe it’s the comfort zone — either way, it was a good time being had by all…well, by most.

The evening started with Ashlee Hewitt singing “Cowboy Take Me Away.” Good song for her but I don’t think she knocked it out of the park.

Gabe Garcia was up next with “Must Be Doin’ Something’ Right.” I loved the slow and sweet sound of his voice. Jewel got on him for not upping the sex appeal but that’s just not how this guy is. I really like him and I’m rooting for him to win.

Coffey took the stage with “It’s Your Love” and he was so emotional I couldn’t watch the performance. Remember, I cry at the drop of a hat, so this number dedicated to his late mother was too overwhelming for him and me. I hear he did a bang up job though of showing his soft side.

Melissa Lawson took control with “My Baby Loves Me” but I agree with Jeffrey Steele when he said she over-sang it. There were too many exaggerated faces and gestures. She’s got a fabulous voice and she’s a powerhouse on stage but she needs to find the happy medium between too little and too much.

Dropping to the bottom two was Shawn Mayer who’s idea of a “love song” was “Before He Cheats.”  Good song for her but she didn’t handle it all that well. Carrie Underwood’s version has this anger to it that really rocks. Shawn didn’t get there so I think she’ll be in the bottom two again next week.

In last place and thankfully out for the count was Sophie & Laura. They finally chose an age-appropriate song, Taylor Swift’s “Picture to Burn” but it was terribly lacking. And for the first time I thought they’d be better apart than together. I think the stress of the competition has ruined their friendship and going home is going back to normal life is going to be tough for this twosome. To add to the humiliation, John Rich railed on Sophie for rolling her eyes at Jewel last week. It was a nasty thing to do to a teen on TV but I’m kind of glad he did. I’ll never understand why contestants talk back to the judges instead of taking a critique for what it’s worth. When Jewel gives you her opinion, chances are it’s a note you should take. I think the fame goes to their heads sometimes and suddenly they think they know better than a pro who has been in the business for years.

Lastly, can we talk about Billy Ray for a moment. I like him, but man, can he host without a cue card? He seemed so lost last night like he was trying to find his place, ignoring the contestant who was standing right next to him. He needs to take lessons from Cat Dealy.  Now that’s a host.

Tune in next Monday when another contestant is eliminated in the search for the next “Nashville Star.”

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