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Gavin Rossdale to Offspring, midsummer’s CDs you need to hear


From Gavin Rossdale, The Offspring, Billy Joel to Frank Sinatra and Paddy Casey, there are a few CDs out there that deserve some more summer sunlight.

Gavin produces a solo classic

Here is SheKnows midsummer look at the summer CDs you need to give a listen.

Gavin Rossdale solo sensation

With the opening single Love Remains the Same, Rossdale is announcing to the world he is more than the leader of Bush and the husband to Gwen Stefani.

Gavin Rossdale had reported that initially he thought he was sitting down to write a Bush record. What came out was more of a capturing of a year in his life. Too personal, the tracks were all his and Rossdale fans will be thrilled he went solo.

The single has been a radio staple while the rest of the record is as terrific as the first hit. Each successive song further proves, thankfully so, that Gavin will be with us as a creative force to be reckoned with long after Kingston goes to college.

Frank Sinatra best of the best

In the greatest hits department Frank Sinatra has a slew. Old Blue Eyes may not need another, but with the vast quality and quantity of his catalog, it can’t hurt to give it a try.

Frank's best is on this Best“Nothing but the Best” perfectly captures the singer’s essence. Run, don’t walk is what I’d say to the generations of music listeners who have grown up since Frank Sinatra’s death. You’d be amazed how many songs of his you know. If there was a collection to put in the CD player, it is “Nothing but the Best.”

How else do you start except “Come Fly with Me?”

The song has probably more life than any other Frank song and the digital remix on “Nothing but the Best” is impeccable.

Then the track list only gets deeper and more, frankly, Frank.

Of course classics such as “The Way You Look Tonight,” “Luck Be A Lady,” and “New York, New York” are all represented, but also lesser known tracks as “Bewitched,” “The Good Life,” and “Somethin’ Stupid,” show a new generation of listeners that the man with the golden voice will never be matched.

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