Watch a new scene from the Twilight movie!

SheKnows has a behind the scenes clip from “Twilight” and the MTV Movie Awards clip that had been previously unreleased.

Edward and Bella head into theaters in DecemberThe movie is still seven months away, and little by little “Twilight” fans have been able to piece together what to expect from the upcoming film.

Now, SheKnows readers have a few more puzzle pieces.

“Twilight” fans unite at SheKnows! As clips and news from the film and the “Twilight” Universe trickle in, we promise to have each and every insight.

From the first looks of Edward, we were there. We will be right on the “Twilight” front lines while the fourth book launches in August and the film debuts in December.

Dont’ forget to check out our interview with the “Twilight” mastermind, Stephenie Meyer (see it here).

First up the previously unreleased clip:

SheKnows presents…the “Twilight” behind the scenes short doc:

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