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Dark Knight premieres


The Dark Knight’s Monday premiere had Heath Ledger’s shadow looming large.

Heath looks over his co-starNew York City served as the Gotham it inspired in comic form last night for the debut of the latest Batman.

Hosting the film’s stars, and a few other celebrity biggies, Warner Brothers unmasked the bat which also just happens to be the most highly anticipated movie of the year. 

It would be without the performance of Heath Ledger. But, with the actor’s incredible, Oscar buzzing turn, “The Dark Knight” will probably attract audiences interesting in seeing the actor’s final performance, regardless of its venue.

The premiere brought out its star, Christian Bale, as well as Batman regulars Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and new stars Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal who (thankfully) took over for Katie Holmes in the romance the bat department.

It was hard to miss if you lived in the New York area, the bat signal had replaced the traditional intertwining spotlights across the Manhattan sky.

It was also hard to miss Heath Ledger. Although he was not in attendance, his family made it a point to be at the premiere as a tribute to the fantastic work their Heath has produced. With Joker posters everywhere, and his towering performance on the screen, Heath Ledger proved once again he is sorely missed.

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