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Closer, Saving Grace, Nashville Star and more

Two big season premieres on TNT, “Saving Grace” and “The Closer,” while Emeril goes green.

Grace is back with her tangled lifeLast night I watched two shows that made me want to reach into my TV set and shove the person I saw there off a cliff. Now, I’m not really a violent person but Tracee’s excuses after spending 7 hours of a 10 hour work day shopping on “Design Star” pushed me to my limit. Thankfully her “show” was canceled.

Next I tuned in to “Living Lohan” and it was Jeremy that brought out my brutal side. Someone put this punk kid in his place, will you? And poor Ali having to basically fire the guy, a job adults hate to do and she’s only fourteen! And while we’re on the topic of inappropriate, who thought it would be a good idea to bring Ali’s little brother to the Playboy suite? I see many years of therapy ahead for this kid.

Last night was also the final four on “The Next Food Network Star” and what a close competition its turning out to be. Lisa’s still around, which doesn’t please me, but I adore Adam and Aaron so I’m rooting for the boys to win. Their throwdown-style challenge was a neat idea. Paula Deen was the guest judge and incredibly she actually said she hated Lisa’s mac and cheese. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Paula say anything negative, it was weird.

Tonight on TV

ABC is all new with “The Bachlorette: Engagement Party,” “The Mole: Take a closer Look” and “The Mole.”

NBC is also all new with “American Gladiators,” “Nashville Star” and “Dateline NBC.”

CBS goes with their comedy lineup followed by a rerun of “CSI: Miami.”

The CW has “Gossip Girl” and “One Tree Hill.”

FOX delivers “Bones” and “House.” Both reruns. 

Over on cable

It’s the season premiere of “The Closer” on TNT at 9:00 and “Saving Grace” at 10:00.

Planet Green (it’s a new cable channel, flip around and you’ll find it) has “Emeril Green” (clever, huh) with Emeril Lagasse teaching you to cook with fresh ingredients.

Wendy and “The Middleman” fight off trout-eating zombies on ABC Family and Food Network’s “Unwrapped” looks at cheese. 

News and notable

Christopher Gorham has left “Ugly Betty” to take the lead in Fox’s “Harper’s Island.”

“Fast and the Furious” star Jordana Brewster joins the cast of “Chuck.”

Lifetime has reupped “Army Wives” for a third season.

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