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Angelina Jolie delivers fraternal twins!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have finally had their twins! A boy and a girl arrived with only hours left on July 12.

Brad and Angie at CannesAngelina delivered the Jolie-Pitt twins at the seaside Fondation Lenval in hospital in Nice, France, where she had checked in two weeks earlier. (A photo showing the hospital’s view of the Mediterranean Sea is below.)

Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline arrived into the stars’ lives through the scheduled cesarean section, and as is often the case with twins, the undoubtedly stunning progeny arrived a little ahead of the typical 40-week mark.

Jolie’s ob/gyn, Dr Michel Sussman, announced that the fraternal twins, who arrived a minute apart, were almost the same weight: Knox jumped into the world first at 5.03 pounds, his baby sis Vivienne made her debut at 5 pounds even. Viv’s middle name, Marcheline, is for Angelina’s mother, who died of cancer in January 2007.

The fraternal twins are children numbers 5 and 6 for the Jolie-Pitt clan. They will come home to sisters Shiloh and Zahara, and brothers Pax and Maddox. (All of Brad & Angelina’s boys apparently must have an X at the end of their name.)Angelina Jolie's hospital

Laughing and happy

“Everything is going well,” Sussmann told reporters. “The mother, the babies, the father are doing marvelously well.” Of Brad, who was at Angelina’s side during the devlivery, the doctor said, “He was very happy. The emotion was very strong for him,” Sussmann said. “I felt the emotion of both the mother and the father. Angelina Jolie was speaking, was laughing with her husband. They were happy.”

Look for Angie to leave the hospital within the next few days, when she’s expected to head back to the family’s palatial seaside estate.

The family with the six-pack of kids is now well on their way to the soccer team of Brad’s dreams. Judging by how these two enhance their clan, the Jolie-Pitt soccer team will dominate the Olympics in 2030.

You read it here first!

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