Will there be a Sex and the City sequel?

The Sex and the City movie did so well at the box office that HBO is already planning a sequel.

Will we see another?During the TCA press tour, an HBO president, Michael Lombardo, said, “There is enormous interest by Warner Bros. and New Line to do another Sex and the City and I think in fact they’re trying to put that together now. When that happens or how long it would take, I can’t say. But there’s tremendous interest.”

He went on to say that the team was “heartened by the enthusiasm from the (Sex and the City) fans and by the new fans.”

They are also psyched about the cash the flick raked in: $144 million is nothing to sneeze at.

Most often, that kind of money results in another film, with the passionate fan base of “Sex,” is there likely any other outcome?!

Also being discussed: A Sopranos flick. Bada-Bing!


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