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So You Think You Can Dance: top 12 results

A surprising bottom three, which forced an obvious elimination on this week’s So You Think You Can Dance.

When you leave it to the viewing audience to decide who stays and who goes, they sometimes get it totally wrong. That’s why I like the override system on “So You Think You Can Dance.” That way, when the audience puts Twitch and Will in the bottom three there’s no chance of either of them going home. So last night must have truly sucked for Thayne.

Sure, he probably saw the writing on the wall even before the bottom three were announced, but once he heard who he was up against, there was no hope left for the poor boy. As a slight consolation, the judges said they would have preferred to eliminate two of the girls and keep him. (Wow, what an affront to the ladies.) But in the end, the rules were the rules and it was the last Tango for Thayne.

Despite Thayne's perfect lines, it was time for him to go

And, as it happens more often than not, his partner, Comfort, was eliminated as well. She went up against Jessica and Kherington.  Jessica gave a sloppy solo, but the judges decided not to discount all of her really fine work up until then. And I think they made the right choice. I think Jessica is going to shine when she’s paired with anyone other than Will.

So now it’s the Top Ten, the group that goes on tour, and I believe this is the week they mix it up.

If they switch partners next week it will be great for both Jessica and Kherington. Courtney and Gev are going to have problems though, being the shortest people in the competition, they’ll both end up with taller partners. For Gev in particular this is going to be a tough road, a sexy Cha Cha with a girl four inches taller than you just isn’t going to cut it.

Here’s how I’d pair them:

Courtney Galiano and Joshua Allen 
Chelsie Hightower and Will Wingfield 
Jessica King and Mark Kanemura
Kherington Payne and Gev Manoukian
Katee Shena and Twitch Boss

Tune in to “So You Think You Can Dance” next week and let’s see how I did.

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