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Flashpoint, Stargate Atlantis, and Prince William

Stargate Atlantis returns and the SWAT team takes over Friday nights on CBS.

Cynthia loves this show!I was pleasantly surprised by the first installment of “Greatest American Dog” last night and mildly surprised by some of the workings of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

But what really surprises me is how hooked I am on the TruTV show, “Black Gold” (pictured at right). I’m completely taken in by the teasers that say things like, “a mistake tonight could put one roughneck off the rig forever.”

No surprises in tonight’s TV line-up, but let’s look at it anyway.

Tonight on TV

“Flashpoint” premieres at 10:00 on CBS tonight. This show about a SWAT team comes in after reruns of “Ghost Whisperer” and “Numb3rs.”

ABC is technically all new but still….”Dance Machine,” “Duel,” and “20/20.”

NBC has “Most Outrageous Moments” followed by a two hour “Dateline NBC.”

The CW goes with “Smackdown” and FOX has “2 Fast 2 Furious” on the Friday night movie.

Over on cable

It’s the season premiere of one of my favorite shows. “Stargate Atlantis” returns to SCI FI Channel at 10:00 and it’s an action-packed opener!

The new season launches tonight

“Mobile Home Disasters,” another favorite of mine, wraps up their season on CMT tonight with a make-over for a military family that’s sure to make you cry.

E! will also have the tears working when they air “The True Hollywood Story” of Heath Ledger. That’s followed by “The Soup” which is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Are you a royal watcher? Then check out WE’s “Prince William: Sexy and Single” and “How to Marry a Prince,” tonight beginning at 9:00.

News and notable

Starting next week, The Tennis Channel will air more than 150 hours of the Olympus US Open Series.

HBO is all over the map with their new shows, one in post-Katrina New Orleans, one in 1920’s Atlantic City (I like that one) and one comedy set in Washington DC with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Lifetime is giving Carson Kressley his own daytime talk show.

“Gimme My Reality Show” has signed up two more stars you won’t want to miss, Kato Kaelin and Bobby Trendy. And if you said, “who?” to either name, I’ll love you all the more.

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