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The Closer season premiere burns bright

Finding Kyra Sedgwick’s character, LAPD Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, in the middle of a murder investigation is nothing new. What is in the show’s Monday premiere, and exemplifies why “The Closer” is one of TV’s best, is watching her work a crime scene in the midst of a firestorm.

Brenda's back and better than ever

Art imitating life

As real fires rage across Southern California, “Controlled Burn” takes on a surreal nature for the season premiere of TNT’s monster hit. The title is perfect given the tightly wound mystery “The Closer” has become famous for weaving.
Their fourth season premiere is no different.  

Sedgwick shines again as her character is aided in an Anthony Hopkins-Jodie Foster “Silence of the Lambs” sort of way with an arsonist who is the evil Yang to Brenda’s Southern sweet Yin.

“The Closer’s” season four premiere is beyond brilliant in its ability to play off these talented actors’s chemistry that rages while wildfires blaze on the landscape.

On Monday at 9 p.m., TNT rolls out its latest season of the show that has broken cable television ratings records and gender barriers with each successive year.

By kicking off their fourth premiere with the intensity and panache “The Closer” has personified, “Controlled Burn” finds itself a rarity of a program’s mid-run season premieres. It is clear this show is simply beginning its run of greatness.

There is some real resolution in Brenda’s life during this episode and “The Closer” fans will not be disappointed in the emotional tone the show begins its fourth go around.

Kyra’s impeccable craft

Golden Globe Award-winner Kyra Sedgwick embodies this character as no other could. The actress is simply hitting her stride as Brenda and throughout the show’s newest hour, audiences are treated to an actress putting on a clinic of range and acting fortitude.

Brenda arrives on a murder scene surrounded by fire

I have watched this premiere three times, it is that gripping and there are layers missed upon first viewing. But the show’s greatest gift it is the sight of Sedgwick wielding her immense big screen presence on a small screen masterwork.

Buzz is a fascinating concept in entertainment. Television programs, in particular, can fall victim to this Tsunami of expectation.

Brenda makes some moves in her relationship in this fourth season

TNT’s must see TV

“The Closer” is worth each ounce of electric energy it generates. It is a rarity when feverish excitement that surrounds a show is merited. With “The Closer,” it could be argued that with almost 10 million viewers, “The Closer” pandemonium is simply beginning to grip a country in dire need of quality entertainment diversions.
Watch for the same excitement for TNT’s 10 p.m. follow to “The Closer,” “Saving Grace.” (SheKnows reviews Holly Hunter’s premiere on Friday)

“The Closer” debuted in 2005 and immediately struck a chord and began a trend. Sedgwick had ushered in an era of award-winning movie actresses making the move to television. With quality scripts and rich characters, shows such as “The Closer” and its TNT sister, “Saving Grace,” have brought a female power to television not seen since “Cagney and Lacey.”

Brenda’s social life is as complex as her crime scenes. Besides her unyielding desire to completely gorge on sweets, she works for a man who she once had an affair with and is living with a FBI agent who may not exactly be perfect for the crime solver who always gets it perfect.

Southern charm

Sedgwick’s Brenda is a Los Angeles transplant. After arriving from Atlanta, her Southern ways were initially met with resistance. After a few spectacular criminal cases were solved under her leadership, her team of forensic experts now follows her leads anywhere.

Kyra and her on-screen nemesis share a candlelit moment

Sedgwick’s supporting cast is stellar from Jon Tenney to J.K. Simmons and Gina Ravera, there is no weak link. This is television at its finest.

Visit SheKnows Thursday for our interview with “The Closer” producer and star, the incredible, Kyra Sedgwick.

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