Christie Brinkley divorce drama continues

The Christie Brinkley divorce trial took some very public turns in the last several days and all indications is this trial is just beginning to get ugly.

Christie arrives for court on TuesdayBrinkley and her former husband, Peter Cook, are airing their marriage issues in front of a Long Island court and the awaiting press corps outside.

In the middle of the Alex Rodriguez and Madonna New York divorce drama, the Manhattan press are having a field day covering two high profile marriage cases in one week.

With all the fanfare of the highest of celebrity break ups, Brinkley and Cook are fighting over custody of their two children. Details of demands are not available but lawyers for both sides have taken to the court of public opinion.

On Tuesday’s “Larry King Live,” lawyers for both sides were special guests sent to plead their case to King and the CNN viewers. Their animosity for each other was palpable. The lawyers disdain for the other side came across the TV screen as strong and mirrored the determination of both Brinkley and Cook as they go after each other in the courtroom.

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